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First time blogging. I am assuming a blog is entries related to your truck and how things are going but also I like to complain about stuff that is just not right. I'll try not to be too negative, but....

My truck has been sitting for about two years now, I crank her up and go for a ride. About 10 miles per hour, It starts buckin' and jerkin'. I limp back home, get in front of the truck and started to yank the truck up and down by the front frame horns. I thought right off it would be a beat up egg-shaped hole at the track bar. Much to my surprise, all of the poly bushings in the Skyjacker shocks were desecrated. I mean like crumbling in your hand. You could put a piece of it on the ground and smear it like pastel chalk.

I called Skyjacker to address the problem, they said they never heard of this with any of their poly bushings, ever. Then he gave me the part numbers for the new bushings. Told me to go to an online speed shop to order them. Very monotone and unhelpful. That's probably why they don't list an email address or even a toll-free number.

Skyjacker sucks! They could of sent me $30 in bushings and saved face but I don't get it. Aren't they under warranty? I wound up getting some Rancho's bushings.

I told them that I was getting ready for work on my wife's 85 Blazer, and he could care less where I bought my parts. I will find another company to deal with on future parts, and will spread the word of this travesty.

Now my worry is the other bushings. I have cracks in my radius arm and C-bushings. Will they fail? Should I replace it all now? The dual-steering stabilizer is just fine.
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