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Gears & Lockers:
Going to regear the 1996 Bronco and replace the lockers too. The set up that is in the truck has less the 10K miles.
Rear 4.56 gear with detroit locker
Front 4.56 gear with ARB locker (air pump not included)

I was thinkin $1000 for the set plus shiping depening on where you live.

Let me know if you are interested
ShaneLocation Canton:
ZIP CODE 30115:
Will you Ship? Y:
Method of shipment (UPS, FedEx, etc):
Payment method (PayPal, check, MO, etc):

Other info:

Geaux Tigers!!
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Still available? If so, can you let me know the mfg. of the gears? Is this for the whole front and rear ends or just the gears/diffs?

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