TTB D44 8-lug conversion. Knuckles out including chromoly axle shafts. This is a direct bolt on knuckle to to convert a Bronco/F150 to 8-lug. Uses the common Chevy brakes used by all the aftermarekt kits. the knuckles have the tierod flip done for better steering angles with lift. the balljoints, bearings, brakes have about 50 miles on them, tho the rotors are rusty from sitting. Everything is done from this thread and has been ran great on 3 trucks.

Im very bad on pricing thing so ill start at $600 OBO because these chevy parts are becoming very rare these days. Prefer local pickup but I will entertain shipping but dont expect it to be cheap, this is heavy stuff and big. I will include the beams and radius arms if desiredfor local pickup

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Selling separate or together with the 8-lug conversion is the D44 third member. it has 5.13 gears and Eaton E-locker. It has a 1350 yoke for the driveshaft. They are basically brand new and were not run off road yet. Again i much prefer local pickup but i would be willing to ship them but it would be expensive due to weight. Ill sell this for $1200 OBO because thats less than the cost of a new D44 e-locker
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last up is a Full floating 10.25" Sterling axle. it has 5.13 gears and a genuine Ford e-locker. It has about 50 miles onroad only driving on it, elocker was not even wired up yet. It has a disc brake conversion, rotors are alittle rusty but should be fine. Uses production Ford rotors and common Chevy calipers. Finned aluminum diff cover. Flange on pinion for accepting flanged driveshaft but can easily be changed. Leaf spring perches were replaced and angled for use with a Bronco. Wheels not included
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Asking $1200 OBO. Local only unless you buy the whole lot and are willing to pay fright. i never shipped anything freight so would have to bear with me on it. i am located in Palm Harbor, FL and i would be willing to drive a bit to help meet somewhere. if yo9u buy the whole lot i can probably cut some better prices