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80-86 Door Panel restoration.

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1986 Ford Bronco/F-series door panel restoration.

6 Cans of dark red ColorBond purchased from LMC truck.
1 large bottle of Acitone.
1 bottle of Purple Power from Advance Auto Parts.
One roll of Peal & Seal from Lows. (Look in the roofing section)
Two boxes of Ford style trim tabs.

Old faded door panels

Dooor panel disassembly.

Remove the 4 nuts that hold on the trim around the power window switch (Only one shown)

Bend the tabs that hold the cloth covered section strait. There are a lot of them, so make sure you get them all. Also remove the carpet padding/sound deadener from the door panel.

All of the metal tabs for the cloth covered section bent strait.

Remove the 4 screws that hold the armrest pad on.

When you flip the door over the armrest pad should fall off, the cloth covered section may as well. If not, it should lift off easily.

Cloth covered part removed.

The chrome trim ring is held on by three kinds of tabs, one kind is identical to the others

Anther kind is the same metal tabs but it has these locks on them.

I removed them by prying up on one side of the slit the retaining tab goes through, then slowly wiggling them off.

Same as above.

Go ahead and remove the rest of that carpet padding/sound deadener.

This is the final type of tab holding the chrome trim ring in place. Just remove the lock the same way you did the other kind.

Bare door panel, ready for prep.

Badly faded pink speaker grill.

Remove the staples that hold the mesh screen in place.

The speaker grill is held on with more metal tabs.

Bend one side strait and the grill will slide out easily.

I placed all the small parts that where not going to be painted in a ziplock labeled "Drivers Side" for this panel.

Here are the small parts after being thoroughly cleaned with "Purple Power" and a brush and wiped down with Acetone.

Door panel after being thoroughly cleaned with "Purple Power" and a brush, and wiped down with Acetone.

Prepped driver side door panel hanging in our custom paint booth.

After two light mist coats of "ColorBond" Still a bit blotchy, but looking a little better. ColorBond should be sprayed in several light coats, about 10 minutes apart.

Armrest, Speaker grill, and power window switch trim coated with ColorBond. (I repainted the table Black when I was done)

The restored drivers side door panel next to the non restored passenger side panel.

Restored door panel with window felt reinstalled.

Bare door. I lubed all the window regulator mechanism with white lithium grease. lubed the lock cylinder with graphite, and lubed the window tracks and power door lock servo with a light spray silicone lubricant. Power windows go up and down like they should now.
Then I cleaned the door with a mild cleaner to prepare it for Peal&Seal.

(Do not use "Grease" or "tire dressing" on your window tracks, and if you have tinted windows, protect them from over-spray by any lubricant)

Peal & Seal applied, two layers towards the middle, one layer at the edges where the door panel clearance is lower

Restored door panel installed with all new fasteners. Color is not dead on but it is way better than the faded pink they had become.

A little warning for 80-86ers. If you decide to remove the felt screen from the speaker grill as I did, it will expose the lower, rearward edge of the inner panel. The speakers are not centered in the grill, so if you want a finished look you will need to paint this area.

I did not do this to my pass side door and you can see bare Peal & Seal from the drivers seat. Fortunately the louvers on the grill prevent the passenger from seeing it from there point of view. I will fix this the next time I pull the pass side panel off, or it bugs me enough to do it.
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Looks good! Btw Ive got brand new set of weatherstrip for the inside window door sill if ya need it.

Here's what Im talking about.
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Looks good! Btw Ive got brand new set of weatherstrip for the inside window door sill if ya need it.
Already replaced mine.
My door panels are exactly like yours, same color and I've redone mine but I painted over the chrome trim insert because there's no chrome trim pieces in the rear interior panels, except for the cargo bay light bezel....?

Do you recommend using a primer first as a base coat and clear coat finish. The Dupli Color doesn't seem to hold up or last too long IMO and I would really like a krinckle finish in the Dupli Color because my drivers side top has no texture left to it any longer from having the window down where I rest my lol...and I definately need to replace both weather strips and window track/felts...the tracks are crumbling apart...PITA....the never ending battle of keeping up with a 25 year old Bronco......aaahhhhh!

Great write up, thanks ~ :thumbup
Do you recommend using a primer first as a base coat and clear coat finish.
I did not, because the ColorBond directions said I did not need to.

The Dupli Color doesn't seem to hold up or last too long IMO
Not surprising. Almost every Dupli Color product I have ever purchased was a big disappointment.

and I would really like a krinckle finish in the Dupli Color because my drivers side top has no texture left to it any longer from having the window down where I rest my arm.
Mine neither, I just did not worry about it. :toothless
Nice job Gacknar!
It sure beats that faded red pink look.:beer
OK good to know Brother.......thanks ~ :thumbup
Looks like you did a great job. I like the table over spray, my friend did that and his wife flipped!!!!:haha
Nice job. I just wished mine looked as good as yours before the restore.
Those look good. I just wish there was enough door panel left on mine to restore!
Very nice, and good write up. Thanks.

Very nice, I pretty much did the same with mine, also red panels from an 86. Only difference is I got new fabric and redid the fabric panel. Ill get some pics up here when I get a chance
Ok, so far the color bond is holding up great.

The Peal & Seal has definitely made a difference, I did not now that much sound was coming through the doors. It now sounds like almost all the sound is coming in from the back. Possibly through the bed floor above my turn downs, I only ran one layer op P&S back there. Or more likely through the tailgate which has not been sound deadened in any way.

However, there are two things that are bugging me.

The Color is a more purple than the rest of the interior. It's not horribly off, but I can easily tell. I am hoping I will get use to it, maybe I am being overly picky.

Being able to see the foil of the Peal & Seal through the pass side speaker grill. :doh0715:
I cant believe I forgot to paint it before I put the panel back on. I t is driving me nuts, so it looks like I'll be pulling the panel this weekend to paint the P&S so it matches the drivers side.

Sometimes it sucks being this nit picky:toothless

I found out something strange this summer about Color-Bond, apparently Deep Woods Off is a solvent to it. I accidentally rubbed up against it right after applying it to me arms. A wile later I noticed a pink smear on the arm that touched the door panel. It took me a wile to figure it out, and the finish on the panel still looks fine, but that's kinda odd.

Other than that it still seems to be holding up well, and I painted behind the pass side speaker grill so that no longer bugs me.

I want to wait at least a year before I say I can or can not recommend this product, but coming of with bug spray does not bode well for it's longevity.
Does that peel and seal stink in the summer heat?
Does that peel and seal stink in the summer heat?
I also used Color-Bond on my dome light

I never liked the 80-86 power window location, alway hit it with my knee, so I use the 92-96 panels
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The dome light looks really nice, good job Brother......

Time to repaint my door panels again, the drivers side gets the most in/out action and my weather strips are broken so they need replacing, window anti rattle track as well.

I've needed a new headliner, I tore mine out when I first got my BKO because it was hanging down and I tried to glue it back up it didn't last and the material was in bad shape. So now I need to remove all the molding and pull out the foam sound deadener and do it right, seat covers need some help, drivers side has a big hole on the left side from getting in/out all the time, the seat foam is bad.

I was thinking about the tan saddle blanket style though not sure what material for the headliner, not thrilled about the Porno Red......:barf.....all on the still to do lol...:doh0715:

Gacknar... looks great, I take it you didnt have any pealing problems with the orig. paint. Mine are all pealed off, will that ColorBond adhear to the plastic panel?

FireGuy... Updated panels look great. Do the 92-96 manual window door panels fit an 85. Id like to have better cubby/pockets in my pannels...
I'd actually like to know if the later panels fit the older trucks too. It's really hard to find any panels around here that are in good enough shape to restore, as the sun just kills everything plastic here. Plus I like the idea of having more cubbies/storage
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