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Like it sounds. Starting plans to build my 80 (originally just parts truck) bronco into a road racer deal loosely based on lightning. Lot of reasons lol. Anyone have any good ideas or want to try to talk me out of it? I'm using a 302 instead of a 351 bc it's what I have on hand. Also 5spd. And the truck has a ten inch lift right now so I need to source the suspension and whatnot.

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Yo Jawwill8089,
WELCOME! & I doubt that no one will try to yak you out of a road racer configuration!
But that 10 inch lift?

For any Bronco questions or to chat about it's planned modifications or build, it's better to post each seperately in Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone. This will get more attention. I'll move this thread to Noobie section because Build section usually requires 30 no padded posts to enter or later, add more remarks.
When you get to 30 posts, send me a message and I'll move back here.
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The lightning trucks uses a 4x frame as due to the extra stiffness it provided.
How in depth are you wanting to go??? Some will say an 80 may not be great starting point due to the way Ford made the frame that particular year, they added several holes in an effort of weight reduction. A few years (im not forsure exact date) they would make the frames more solid.
Not that you cannot build it with what you have, just something to keep in mind.

Personally if I was building a 2wd lightning Bronco, that needed a 10" lift removed. I would go the route of a double a-arm and coil sprung front cross member, or possibly swap in a crown vic front end as many f100 owners have done.
Could also get 2wd front end parts and swap it over, or run empty stock 4wd arms. The knuckle and hub is stronger.

Im not one to talk you out of it, I have been giving some thought to doing the same with one of my own.

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It's a neat concept. I just don't know how it would look being lowered for handling. The BKO has kind of a "tall" body appearance. It's not that long of a wheelbase, so its height is emphasized when viewed by the eye. Lowering a BKO might make it look kinda like an oversized VW Bug. However, as the saying goes: Your car. Your money. Your choice.
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