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Hello All, I am getting ready to do repairs of rust areas. I am trying to purchase the correct repair panels/parts. I think I am getting some of the names wrong. I attached photos of the areas I am replacing. The are:
Exterior bottom of driver door
rear right and left corners near tailgate
bottom section of front drivers side panel
right and left lower sections just beyond doors
upper wheel arch/possibly inner wheel arch only if necessary

If you guys could help in identifying the proper name of these areas so I can purchase the correct parts I would truly appreciate it. Tire Wheel Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood
Motor vehicle Vehicle Tire Automotive tail & brake light Hood
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Motor vehicle
Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Tire Car Vehicle
Automotive tail & brake light Automotive parking light Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive tire
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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