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hey guys i'm new to this particular forum

i have a brown 1984 Bronco i just bought and it didnt turn out to be the Bronco i wanted; due to the work needed and lack of time and money

it runs ok and drive ok, i drove it here from Santa Barbera, so it does drive

its a 1984 Ford Bronco 4x4, it has a 5.0L engine, off road front and rear bumpers, top light bar if you want anymore info on it please feel free to ask ill see what i can come up with, i dont know tons about it but i can try to find out for you since i drove it here and really only moved it havnt really checked it out much

i just bought it a couple weeks ago for $700 and im out of money to fix it, supposedly it has a newly rebuilt 5.0L engine, it needs a smog pump and hoses, it needs a cat back exhaust, it needs a lot more than that, it would be a great project vehicle or parts vehicle, i really need to get rid of it, its just sitting on the side of my house and i have no where to keep it, the front sway bar is inside the truck, it comes with 3 newer BFG mud tires that came with the vehicle, it has BFG mud terrain tires on it, the RR has a slow leak

it doesnt have a lot of dents, and it doesnt seem like it has a lot of rust

im an ASE certified automotive technition and i know preatty much what it needs to make it streetable, just dont have the time or money

ide just like to get some of my money back from the horrible sale
hope to get $500 or will also take what i can get, i dont know exactly what its worth
its located in Thousand Oaks, CA
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