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Bought an 84 I just got back from major repair and my turn signals worked for one drive after I bought it. The #5 (15A) fuse was blown and worked once it was replaced for the drive. Now all exterior turn signals wont work and no indicators on the inside. Brake lights and emergency flashers work and indicate on the interior. Tried a new fuse and flasher. I noticed tonight, with lights on and brakes on, that the rear light would dim if the signal was engaged

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Yo enfield46,
Did you find a short, etc that caused fuse #5 to blow?

If you have a problem when turning on one circuit it causes another to come on partially (dim lights, etc.), check the ground for the part or system that was turned on first. For example if you press the brake pedal and the parking lights turn on partially or fully, check the brake lights' ground. This is caused by current going thru brake light bulb filaments & finding a ground in the parking lt. system instead of its own ground.
Inspect grounds;
G701Under I/P, near RH side of radio.
G801 Driver side fender apron, near headlamp.
G802 Passenger side fender apron, near headlamp.

Indicator lights don't work in either direction
Check If the turn signals are working
Check the dash indicator lights
Check the flasher by substitution

No turn signals light on either side
Check the fuse. Replace if defective.
Check the flasher by substitution.
Check for open circuit, short circuit or poor ground.



Short Circuit Troubleshooting with a Self-Powered Test Light or Multi-Meter (ohmmeter) General
NOTE: Never use a self-powered test light to perform checks for opens or shorts when power is applied to the circuit under test. The test light can be damaged by outside power.

1.Isolate the circuit from power and ground.

2.Connect the self-powered test light or ohmmeter ground clip to a good ground and probe any easy-to-reach point in the circuit.

3.If the light comes on or there is continuity, there is a short somewhere in the circuit.

4.To isolate the short, probe a test point at either end of the isolated circuit (the light should be on or the meter should indicate continuity).

5.Leave the test light probe engaged and sequentially open connectors or switches, remove parts, etc. until the light goes out or continuity is broken.

6.When the light goes out, the short is between the last two circuit components which were opened.

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