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Greetings FSB folks!

I recently acquired an 86 Bronco for my daughter to use and for us to work on together as a project rig.

Obligatory pic:

Today we were tightening up the mirror bracket on the passenger side and the nut was spinning so we had to remove the door cover to access it. In the process, the window crank spring and an unknown metal retaining clip fell out. The spring was easy to figure out but I can't figure out where the heck this guy goes and haven't been able to match it up against anything on a Google search. Can anyone tell me where it's supposed to go?

The Clip:


Any help would be greatly appreciated 馃槉


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Haha, wow, really, PHRoG?! I messed this up pretty good. As a lifetime Ford fan I'm totally embarrassed 馃槀. Especially having owned a ranger, exploder, a few F150s and currently an F250 7.3t. This is a FSB not BII!

Literally got it a few days ago from a friend...could've swore they had said it's a BII when I bought it. I honestly haven't checked as I've been working 12-15 hour days since. It was steal so I just wrote the check and daughter drove off in it.

Sooo, about that clip? Any ideas? 馃お馃お

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Cant say I've been inside a door to help ya. But sweet looking bronco! Welcome to FSB
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I don't know about the clip either, but congrats on the nice lookin' Bullnose Bronco, she looks sweet! Welcome to FSB, enjoy the project and keep us posted on your progress.
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