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86 FSB Won't Start

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I just bought an 86 FSB that won't start. I bought it for $1500. It was sitting at a car dealer. The guy said the starter kept sticking. He'd replaced about 5 or 6 starter relays. When I picked her up I bought a new realy and a new starter at O'Reillys. She made it 30 miles home. Once there I discovered she was leaking oil everywhere. And the starter continued to stick. I sprayed the bottom of the engine and undercarriage with Gunk spray and washed her out. I turned her on and then she died after about 15 secs. She hasn't turned on since. She cranks but won't start. I took her to a mechanic for 3 days and he did nothing to her. I took her home. So far I replaced the rotor and cap and she has alot better spark. Finally yesterday she quit crnaking. I turn the ignition all the way forward and she just won't crank. I removed the key switch and the one on the column and will probably replace those as I have been told that the ignition switch on the column could be causing the sticking starter. I am not sure if the fuel pumps are working. There is no noise when you turn the key. Also the fuel gauge is stuck on empty. Any other suggestions? I really need to get her going as she will be my DD. And if I do not fix her soon my wife will be really pissed which I am sure those of you who are married will understand. I also noticed that the gas filler hose is parallel to the ground. I notice I spill fuel everytime I try to fill her up.
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