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My 88 302 keeps throwing codes. KOEO i get 51 and 22. KOER I get 98 , 22, 51. I know that 51 is pointing to ect and 22 is for MAP fault. I think I understand code 98 as basically my truck is in limp mode do to multiple codes but Im really just not sure. :whiteflag

Little history I was throwing codes for tps (damn near every obd1 tps code) so I popped one on and that is no longer an issue. Truck will not start up and run with out adding some throttle. With a few seconds and slowly backing off the throttle it will run, but the rpm bounces from around 500 to 1000. If I disconnect the vacuum line on the MAP sensor it idles closer to 1000 rpm. If (with line still off) I use my thumb to slightly plug the line the idle will hold just a tick below 1000 rpm. :scratchhe

By that logic I feel i have a bad MAP sensor but not sure. Also is the ECT actually bad? I kept the truck running long enough for it to come up to operating temp for the KOER test but not sure with the crappy idle if that will throw off the ECT reading.

I tried searching other threads for code 98 and code 22 and MAP sensor and poor idle but nothing really seems to fit my situation. Any help will be greatly appreciated. :banghead
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