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I recently purchased a nice running 1988 SuperCab Lariat, F-150 4x4, V8, AT/OD. It has the following issues:

1) Air Conditioner & fan were working perfectly (its been converted to 134A), I used yesterday. Today neither the fan or AC will come on, the "blue" light on the push button AC switch does not come on and again the fan does not work in any position. I checked the fuse, charge level and the connections. Whats wrong? Could it be the AC relay, if so where is the relay located?

2) The turn signals stopped working at the same time as the AC & fan, i have emergency flashers and brake lights, parking and headlights working.

3) I used a jumper wire to the turn signal fuse in the fuse block and both the AC & turn signals would work, but the jumper wire gets too hot to leave in place. Where do I go from here?
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