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9" Disc brake conversion

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I did alot of research looking for the right kit, and something simple. This was relativly cheap, and worked out great. :rockon

Start by removing all drum brake assembly. Pull axleshaft and remove backing plate.

I replaced axle seals and bearings while I was there.

Here's the parts you need.
GM Monte Carlo Calipers, pads,and hoses (1973-77 big body cars)
Ford F-150 Rotors
Allstate weld on caliper brackets
Also need to have the edges of the axle flange milled down so the rotors will slide over them.

This is the weld on caliper bracket

The axle with everything removed, note the shiny edge of the axle where it was milled approx .125 around the edge. (My friend has moser shafts and did not have to have this done on his)

With the axles milled the F-150 front rotors slid right on. I used 1977-79 front rotors.

The weld on bracket behind the rotor.

Putting the calipers in the brackets.

Test fitting everthing together.

All thats left is to tack it, pull the caliper and rotor off, and weld it. Then paint it, and cut and flare the brake lines to fit with the new rubber hoses. Right now its time for a brew :drinkbud

Here's my part #'s for the GM calipers, brake pads, and hoses.
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I didnt notice...are those calipers set up for an e-brake?
I see that you have a extended stainless brake line there, will that hook right up to the brakes just fine? Also, how much did the weld on brackets run ya and where did yo uget em'?
The brackets came from Lane Automotive, anyone that sells allstate products can get them, and they run about $20-30. The calipers are not set-up for an e-brake. The lines will screw right on, I just have to shorten them, then flare them.
I'll have to get reciepts out of my truck next time I go out there. I've been working all week/weekend, and have off thurs so I'll be out there then.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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