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Hi all,

I would like some advice on rebuilding a '90 351W (SD). For the last few days I've been searching and reading up, but honestly need help in understanding exactly what my rebuild/upgrade options are while keeping the SD computer.

The engine I would be rebuilding has 150k on it, runs fine (last time I checked)....and is coming out of a wrecked '90 Bronco (25mph head-on collision, bent the frame really good but was able to drive it home....didn't even puncture the rad!).

It would be going in my stock '91 351 DD in which I just put in a nicely beefed E4OD. '91 DD engine runs ok, but has 250k on it and is tired. I am in no hurry and will be taking my time with this project. Engine will be coming out and on a stand this week for teardown.

As stated before I want to keep the SD computer, but am looking to make a decent amount of power (300+hp), improve durability & mileage (who isn't these days). The bronco sees very little off-road action.....mostly long freeway trips and a bit of local towing. Would love to cruise at 75mph and pass at will without sacrificing too much low-end grunt (what's a Bronco without it's torque???)

HO ignition & dizzy, K&N, possibly 'lectric fans are all a given - but I'm a little fuzzy as to what's exactly possible to make the power and keep the computer happy.

Budget is moderate - 1500-2500

I apologize for not figuring it all out myself......I really tried to do my homework (and have learned alot).....but most threads seem very application specific and I'd rather not buy parts that will cause big headaches in the future. Thanks in advance!

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