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Hi all, I have had my 90' Bronco for just about 3 years. I bought it originally to use as a backup/recreational vehicle. I like to dive and I needed something to tow a boat with. Cant really do that stuff with a mustang.
The Bronco already had a lift kit on it and 33" tires. PO says its a 6" lift, but Im not too sure. I'll take some pics and post em up.
Drivetrain is a 5.8L and e4od. I really havent driven it too much in the 3 years that I've owned it, mostly because of the 12mpg it gets. But more recently I've been trying to get more mpg out of it. When I got it it was only getting 10mpg. YUCK!
I bought the truck for 600 bucks because the rearend was blownout. I R&Rd it in a couple hours and put a new CV joint into the driveshaft and its been running great ever since.
Definately got my moneys worth out of it when I've had to use it while workin on my DailyDriver!
Hope to learn alot from this site.
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