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Checking Interest
I have a 91 XLT and i'm just checking interest on buyers from this site. There are pics in my cardomain site of the vehicle.(
I am NOT interested in parting out this vehicle, because i want the next owner to have a set up rig ready to go. There is a minor downfall to the Explorer. The engine has a really rough idle, and doesn't seem to want to idle well at all. The tranny could use a rebuild, but i had been driving it until my dad and i worked on the engine. We think there might be a vacuum leak somewhere and we have checked a lot of items to what could be the problem. This would be a great V8 project or if someone had another engine or tranny to throw in it. if there are any questions at all either post them here or email [email protected]

the motor and tranny have close to 160K, roughly 9" of lift, 4.56's,
winchbumper/winch, rear spare tire carrier/bumper, 4 bucket seats, manual
transfer case, warn hubs. that is just a list of some upgrades that have been
done to her. I don't know what she'd be worth, but i'm not going to give her
away. I was thinking in the 3000-4000 dollar range. I'm lookin for serious inquiries only. I may be forgetting something, but if there are any questions at all please post or email me. [email protected]. My next vehicle will be a 94-96 bronco with the 5.8L preferably. so if anyone knows of one in that year range let me know.

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