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These kits have been a few months in the making, but I finally have the right combination of bulbs to be able to offer an interior/exterior LED retrofit kit for the 1992 -1996 Broncos and F-150's. Will work on kits for 80-86 and 87-91 soon.

Here's a sampling of some before and after pics so you can get an idea of the difference between the OEM halogen bulbs and the new LED bulbs.

Bronco dome light with halogens:

Bronco dome light with LED's:

Bronco map lights with halogens:

Bronco map lights with LED's:

Bronco map and dome with LED's:

Ash tray light with LED:

Door Panel with halogen:

Door Panel with LED:

Glove box with halogen:

Glove box with LED:

Under hood shots with LED:

Side marker light with halogen:

Side marker light with LED (matches Baja HID headlights much better than the halogen):

License plate lights with halogen:

License plate lights with LED:

Reverse lights with halogen:

Reverse lights with 5 watt CREE projector LED:

Side by side comparison of the halogen and LED reverse lights (these things are NUTS!!):

And here's a breakdown of what comes in the kits:


Dome light(s) - includes bulbs for both dome lights if you have a Bronco. Please email me a pic of your dome light so I can ensure you get the right bulb.
Map lights
Door panel lights
Glove box light
Ash tray light
Rear Dome


Side marker lights
Under hood light
License plate lights
Reverse lights

You'll notice that I've left out the amber side marker and amber turn signal lights. This was on purpose because with the LED lights, it was difficult to retain the correct amber/orange color, so I've left these out of the kits in favor of the OEM halogen bulbs.

Pricing for the kits is as follows:

Interior kit: $30 shipped anywhere in the US.
Exterior kit: $40 shipped anywhere in the US.
Both interior and exterior kit: $60 shipped anywhere in the US.

Each kit will come with the bulbs separated into little baggies with a label that specifies the location on the vehicle. Just unplug your old halogens, plug these LED's in, and you are ready to rock!

PM me with questions, I'm happy to help!!

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This is great. What if I only need certain lights. Should I just email you with what those specific lights are?

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To make ordering easier......all I need is to know if you have one of these 2 dome light style:

Style A:

or Style B:


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I do use LED revers lights in my mustang and I have to say they do help backing into dark spots.

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Great Job TCM! Thats a great price for all those bulbs and its nice to KNOW that they will work in our Bronco's.

On my list of things to trade you a saginaw bracket for. :D I just gotta find some more, they crushed all the vans but one at the local JY. And I pulled it yesterday and sold it this morning.

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]Instrument cluster kits now available!!!! 20 shipped

The gauge illumination bulbs are a bit temperamental and the LED bulbs tend to throw things off a little bit, so I've decided to limit the retrofit to just the gauge illumination only.

When you start swapping out the halogen bulbs for the warning lights, turn signals, etc... it causes intermittent issues like turn signals not working, battery warning lights not going off when you start the engine, etc... Plus, the difference between halogen and LED behind the warning lights really was not all that pronounced. When you add in the fact that the LED bulbs required for this are a more complicated (and more expensive bulb), it makes more sense to limit the kit to just the 7 illumination bulbs, rather than the almost 20 bulbs that are behind the gauges & AC controls.

Here's a pic of the gauge cluster with the LED bulbs installed:

And the AC controls with the LED bulbs installed:

And here's a video of the gauge cluster dimming:

gauge AC control kit: $20 shipped
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