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Hey fellow Bronco owner/lovers.....This is Bishop and I am a 92 Bronco owner. It is a straight 6 cylinder with manual trans. I am trying to keep it forever but it is showing its age with numerous problems. I want someone to help me with the following:

Tailgate wont go down
**but I have found the "Tailgate Tech notes" posted by Steve83....Thanx. Hoping your notes will be all I need to fix it.**

I NEED NEW tires
but I dont want tires so big and tread so deep I cant drive it on the road and get all the power and performance and SPEED the Bronco has to give. PLEASE give me suggestions and websites I can get a nice BEEFY tire that is great for highway/local driving. But when I go skiing and mountain biking the truck will be able to get me around with NO PROBLEM !!!!
Also; I want to put some nice size rims on it when I get these tires so hopefully your suggestions will take rims into consideration along with the tires.
I actually have ALWAYS liked the Mickey Thompson tires with the tread on the sidewall of the tire but I feel that treat is what I mean when I refer to the treat being too deep. Is there a nice tire that will give me a bold look with a more road performing treat but AS WELL deep enough for when I am in deep snow or dirt when I drive it off road to go mountain biking/camping..????

I want to change all my bumpers and grills to black versus the stock chrome.

I want to put nerf bar/running boards on it.

How do I fix the lights that shine on the back license plate since one has gone out..????

What can I do to insulate the truck
since all the metal in it makes it feel like a freezer when it is cold out so it TAKES FOREVER to warm up. I see some of you gifted wrench-experts have done so yourselves.

I need to repair the door panels.
The lil plastic snap/clips that hold them are pretty much worn so it is being held only by like 2 of these clips and I hear it bangin against the door when I drive and go over a bump

Does the Bronco have a governor..????

I know it is not a V8 or does not have 140mph on the dash but I want to get more then the "on the dash 85mph" it says it all the truck has to give. I mean; COME ON I HAVE A STICK !!!! Cant I do something to get more PUNCH and POWER out of my truck....HELP ME OUT !!!! LOL
More reason to have a good road tire, Ya know !!!!
I mean; I was on a road trip and had a nice LONG stretch of highway and was able to get the needle past 85 but when it looked to be FULLY at the bottom the truck jerks lik there was a governor keeping it from going any faster..???? :banghead

POWER .... PERFORMANCE !!!! :twotu:
I just got dual exhaust put on....YEAH !!!! Now I need to know what other things I can do to get the most POWER and PERFORMANCE out of my truck taking into consideration I want to get the most bang for my buck. I dont want to be cheap....LOL. But I do want good products without having to break my wallet. Please give me a list of things from what I should get FIRST to last....

All suggestions to accomodate this are welcomed along with sites I can go to and get these items.

Everyone; I just joined the site to enjoy a community of fellow Bronco owners. I mean isnt the Bronco the mold of what a TRUCK IS !!!! Which is why I dont want to EVER get rid of it. But not only do I want to keep it I want to feel good driving it so I want it to look good and that is why I want to get help with these things.

Eager to get and read your replies....Thanx

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hey bro you might be driving the wrong truck, for what you are expecting to do with it.
the bronco is a utilitarian vehicle, not a rocket. although there are plenty of good folks on this board who are pulling impressive hp/torque numbers they are not (in general) busting the speedo. you are in danger by driving the bronco past its design limitations in that respect.

dont expect to find much information on here about blingin out your ride. i havent seen one truck on here with a rim diameter larger than 17's. and not one with lo pro's.

my suggestion to you is that if you dont want to go wheelin, or tow something, or look like you go wheelin, then get a frontier or tacoma or any of the other decent midsize pu's.

otherwise use the SEARCH function

introduce yourself in the appropriate forum, you arent likely to get any responses unless you do. this is a small forum with a lot of people on it. if you follow me.
have fun good luck and i hope you have deep pockets.
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