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92 eb bronco northeast tn 2700REDUCED or pos trade

351 v8
e4od auto trans
towing package with factory trans cooler
cold a/c
180kish on the mileage
the paint is decent with no major body damage just a little fading here and there,needs a good wax
the drivers seat is in need of upholstery repair
the hot and cold selector knob for the heat/a/c needs replacing
steering column jiggles a little
abs and the brake lights are on in the dash but im not sure why,it stops fine maybe abs sensor and the fact that the ebrake is a little tricky to apply
exhaust leak on the pass. side
rear main seal leaks a little
has a new water pump
1/2 tread bfg ko 31s

it really is an outstanding vehicle and i wouldnt be afraid to drive it across country
i really hate to see it go but my wife and i have no need for it any longer so i figured i would pass it along to someone that can use it

pics soon
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