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:shrug Another noobie . I have a 93 bronco I'm getting ready to do a SAS with a 79 Dana 44. And I like some one to give me correct placement of spring buckets. And any other advice you can give as in caster correction, radius arm drop brackets. If I'm useing 6" coils for 93 bronco. In my reading thru F.S.B. the last 6 months I have not found any exact info on this. Also while your here how about this I have done the FORD motorsport power pulleys, and the MAS upgrade and guess what FORD tech line never bothered to tell me MAS upgrade was not capaitable with the E4OD trans. without a Bauman module. Any ideas on that? And one more thing what gears would you run on this rig with 35" tires? it is my every day ride and it's 80 miles round trip to work every day?

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