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93 door removal, where is the harness connect?

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about to take my doors off so i can get to sanding them and the jams for my repaint. i will be doing it by myself so i need to figure out which way to remove the harness to get the door off. i search through a good 20 pages and have not found a write up. i am a midget without pics. is there a disconnect in the truck and leave the harness in the door or do you need to remove the harness from the door? i can not find the disconnect inside the door. there is a plug on the drivers side up under a metal frame that the ebrake is mounted too. i think that is it and disconnected it but dont want the door dangling and figure out i was wrong by myself. any help is appreciated...thanks
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The passenger door harness disconnects inside that kick panel. But the driver door harness is continuous from the door lock motor all the way over to those passenger connectors. Either pull the dash, or disconnect everything inside the driver door, and then feed the harness out of it as you remove the door.

I'd just unbolt the hinges & hang them both from a beam across the roof of the truck, leaving the wiring connected. Tape off what you have to.
thanks, they have to come off. painting it in my garage and not too much room to work with. but thanks for the info!
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