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So before i get flamed I have been a member for years and have 7 posts... because all I use is the search feature... but I cant find help on my particular question... thanks in advance for the help...

So my truck is up on the racks at the shop as we speak with all parts in... and Im still stuck on my tire choice... LOLOL anyway...

I have a 95 EB 351 with exhaust on 32s... something in the rearend was going out as the truck has 18x,xxx miles on it... had Ford replace motor and tranny, so she has 70,xxx miles left on factory warranty for both... lol (dont ask what that cost, lol, i know I got ripped off, but its one thing that I can say about my Bronco that none of you can, lol)

So I ordered :) ARB lockers for the front and rear, new axle shafts for the 8.8(C-clip eliminated), 4.56 gears, all new bearings etc...

2" lift springs for the front

every poly bushing made for the truck...

Bilstien shocks FnR

and have the aftermarket aluminum 15x8" with 3.75 backspacing wheels that came with the truck (looked good, got lucky) getting poweder coated flat black as we speak (they are probably baking as I type)

So... finaly to my question... I wanted to run a 35, but Im paranoid about what I have heard and 1/2ton axles etc... So if I did I would run the metric vers whiich I guess is actually 34.8"? Anyway...

WHERE WILL THESE RUB?!?! lol I cant find out about my particular setup, I've googled so many pics and read so many threads over the years... I wanna shoot myself!

I am willing to cut the shit out of the fenders if I must, dont mind AT ALL:rockon I havent had my roof on in 4 years,cab and everything is rhino lined :rockon hate the glam clean look anyway...

I realize they will rub the stock radius arms, but I saw in another thread that aftermarket radius arms are bent in for more clearence, would those be enough? could I run those arms with only a 2" lift?

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