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95 EB 5.0 Transmission flushing OK??

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About 2 years ago, my transcooler leaked into the transmission and ruined it. Had the transmission rebuilt. I thought all was fixed then I realized the transcooler leaked again and flooded the transmission. However I caught it in time. So we installed an external transcooler to avoid this again. My mechanic pulled the transmission pan and changed the filter. He said he could not drain the transmission completely unless he took it completely out. He recommended I have it flushed to get rid of all the old fluid that still had some coolant in it. The Transmission fluid is pink and has some foam in it when I check it. I called my Ford dealer and they didn't recommend flushing a vehicle this old nor would they flush it because they did not want to damage it more. There is a local precision tune that does flushing but I am a little confused on what to do. Do I leave the pinkish fluid in there and just hope it doesn't mess it up causing me to have to spend 2000.00 to rebuild it again. Or do I risk flushing it??? Thank you for any suggestions.
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Also this is the E40D transmission.
Yo wkenlas,
Ford states, "
Observe color and odor of the fluid. It should be red, not brown or black. Odor may indicate overheating condition, clutch disc or band failure.
Use an absorbent white facial tissue and wipe the fluid level indicator. Examine the stain for evidence of solid particles and for engine coolant signs (gum or varnish on fluid level indicator).
If particles are present in the fluid or there is evidence of engine coolant or water, the transmission pan must be removed for further inspection.
If fluid contamination or transmission failure is confirmed by further evidence of coolant or excessive particles in the transmission pan, the transmission must be disassembled and completely cleaned and serviced. This includes cleaning and flushing the torque converter and transmission cooling system."

Not being able to judge how much coolant is in, I suggest flushing it and TC, fluid lines, etc.
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