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95 F250 5.8 in HLOC

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Hi guys, it's been a while since I've posted anything (was on to snoop around a couple weeks ago), I don't have much in the way of internet access at home right now to keep costs down. This, however, is very important, so here I am. Anyway, two questions:

1) My 95 has gone into HLOC, confirmed constant CEL on an attempted code pull with constant fuel pump run during same. My problem is that I have so very little outside sources I have access to, and what does talk about HLOC, it's not clear what that entails. But the meager Google answers to it are also meager. So, does HLOC mean an ECM death sentence? I'm hoping Miesk can shed light on it, as I cannot load up the 1995 EVTM disc I got back in the mid-2000s. Which brings me to question 2, mods let me know if this has to be a separate thread in another section, but:

2) I have WIN8.1 on my Dell laptop; is there an emulator, or is there a function of WIN8.1 that would allow me to load that 1995 EVTM on my laptop?
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Yo Andy,
Sorry for the delay!
Hardware Limited Operation Strategy (HLOS) Overview; "...HLOS mode is used when the system fault(s) is too extreme for the FMEM mode to handle. In HLOS mode, all software operations have stopped and the computer is running on hardware control only. The default strategy for this mode has a minimal calibration just to allow the vehicle to operate until it can be serviced. NOTE: IN HLOS MODE YOU WILL NOT GET ERROR CODES. The MIL light is turned on as a bulb check when the ignition key is first turned "ON". The EEC IV computer turns off the bulb as soon as it receives the PIP (crank) signal. If the light stays on during cranking, the computer is not receiving the PIP signal...
... However, Continuous codes that were set before the processor entered HLOS will be retained."

Could be an EEC ISSUE, pull it and inspect or if it has atge wonderful londdead fish aroma, replace,
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Hey, delayed or not, I appreciate your response. I did pull the computer, which had signs of water intrusion from the old windshield. I pulled the top, and found a burned resistor. Now I'm going back to BE/E school, as my friend and I found a replacement computer with the same part number and even the same calibration (haha, it has Burt Reynolds' fingerprints on it, as the calibration tag says 'BAN1') as the original computer, I got the resistor band colors, but realized I haven't read a resistor value in over a quarter century! After install and battery hookup, I ran the KOEO self-test, got the 111 on the on-demand, and 512 (loss of KAPWR) on the continuous codes. Joe said the actuators clicked, so it's so far, so good. Anyway, it doesn't smell fishy, and I'll be giving my rusty 2MER skills a run-through to replace the resistor.

So, since no one answered me about the Ford Manuals disk vs. WIN8.1, I'll move that question to the general BS section.
Yo Andy,
Hopefully, yiu havec a winner now!
Will look for your Ford Manuals disk vs. WIN8.1 next
Yo Andy,
I purchased a 96 Bronco F Series EVTM DVD from a former member here and it ran on XP, however after the PC self-destructed, it wouldn't run on WIN 8, 8.1 or 10. Seems like Win10 has something like "compatibility mode" that tries to make older software run.
A member here did have a method to "overlay" a diff operating system such as, if I recall correctly, WIN 10, but my much-better-half nixed the idea.
Of course, I can't recall member's name. I searched my posts, but haven't found it yet.
I'm way too far out of IT days to be of any real help but I think Win10 compatibility mode might still be too far removed to be of any use, if Win8 won't load it. If that's the case, you'd have to setup a dual boot partition and load WinXP or earlier OS on it, to load the old disk up and use it. That comes with it's own load of headaches, even if you know what you're doing.

Sorry man. Not good news but again... I'm over a decade out of IT stuff now, so I probably know less than today's average user. That's why I went through the trouble to purchase the much more expensive but eternally accessible, paperback books.

@miesk5 is the man though and will likely be able to provide whatever you actually need.
I use VMWare VM Workstation Player to build a virtual Windows XP computer. The service CDs work just fine when running in the virtual environment. I am more familiar with VMWare, but Windows 10 has a virtual application built in if you know how to unlock it.For was as simple as downloading the VMWare player then create a virtual machine using an old Windows 95 OS CD. As luck would have it I had the license key for it stored away in an old file.
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If you aint figured it out, read up on how gamers load old pc games on new systems
I haven't had time to do any research over the last week, been working on small projects and parts running (had to clean and diagnose where my S#!tbox's trans is leaking and tighten the trans mount nuts rolls eyes). I'll have to look into VM Workstation player, but I have to also conjure up an XP copy.
Yo Andy,

The EEC processor will enter Hardware Limited Operation Strategy (HLOS) if it detects a problem that could cause further damage to the system. Under HLOS, the processor modifies its operating strategy so that certain functions are disabled but the vehicle can be safely driven in for service. If the vehicle is in HLOS, Continuous Memory codes will not be set and Self-Test cannot be initiated. However, Continuous codes that were set before the processor entered HLOS will be retained.
Resetting Keep Alive Memory (KAM)
Disconnect the negative lead from the battery for a minimum of 5 minutes. Resetting KAM will clear learned values the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) has stored for adaptive systems such as idle and fuel.

After KAM has been reset, the vehicle may exhibit certain driveability concerns. It will be necessary to drive the vehicle to allow the PCM to relearn values for optimum driveability and performance.

How to Clear Keep Alive Memory (KAM)
The PCM stores information about vehicle operating conditions and uses this information to compensate for component tolerances. When an emission related component is replaced KAM may have to be cleared to erase the information stored by the PCM from the original component.

To clear KAM, disconnect the negative side of the battery for a minimum of 5 minutes.
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We had done the KAM resetting, it didn't help. But we have the replacement computer installed and it runs normally now. It's made a round trip to Fort Worth and back on an average of 14 MPG.
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