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96 bronco seats into a 78 now with pics!

Well, today I finally installed the 1996 bronco interior i picked up at the scrap yard. What a drastic improvement! It was so nice to ride around without busted down foam and a spring poking me in the hind end! let alone now having armrests and the ability to recline the seats! :imp

a few notes if someone else wants to do this same swap. I searched a ton and didn't come up with anything specific, so hopefully this will help someone down the road.

1. the passenger seat bolts right up to the 78 tumble forward frame with a couple of modifications.

*the pan on the bottom has to be "shaped" a little better. I used a hammer. :toothless

*the plastic surround by the seat recline handle has to be trimmed in order to accomodate the tumble forward lever.

*the recline bracket has to be bent up to accomodate the tumble forward lever as well.

2. the 78 drivers seat brackets need two new holes drilled in order to mate up with the 96 seat. I don't know if this is common or not on our trucks but my driver's seat is actually made at an angle, so I had to machine a spacer to fit under the bracket on the front, to mate up squarely with the floor. I suppose a large nut would work as well.

3. Sit back, enjoy the fruits of your labor. it took me about an hour from start to finish. Your results may vary.


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Maybe its just the dirty haze on them that makes them look tan.:toothless They look like they're in pretty good shape too.
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