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Just a few updates and pictures: :thumbup

LED swaps...

3 bulbs in 3rd brake light, 2 in doors, 1 in dome, 1 in back cargo area, 2 for license plate..

Replaced 5 LEDs in dash...

F150 grill snorkel...

OBD-II Wifi diagnostics connector...

Car Doctor app...

Got a guy in my complex today struggling fix his 96' F250 w/5.8 that doesnt start. Something funny, he says he doesn't have MAF nor OBDII so he "couldn't pull codes"... Hmmm thought all 96s had it, but ok, news to me. I was in a rush or would have looked at it with him.

Full exhaust to be installed...

The 96'...

More pictures coming soon... :rockon

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The larger trucks weren't required to pass OBD II at that time, so you'd need an older code reader or use the 'check engine' light flash method for pulling codes. Since I'm just a buffoon when it comes to search n00b, can someone post up the thread that describes how to do it?

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yo B,
as Andy advised;
96 PCED On Board Diagnostics I by FORD

"How To Use This Manual
Special Notes
For gasoline engines with EEC-IV, begin diagnosis with Section 2, Diagnostic Routines.
For diesel engines, refer to Section 18 or 19.
For LPG engines, refer to Section 20.
For gasoline engines, if a diagnostic procedure does not find the solution to a vehicle symptom, it is important to return to Section 2 to continue diagnostics.
Refer to Section 17 for component descriptions and base part numbers.
Component locations can be found in the Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manuals (EVTMs).
The EEC-IV Diagnostics Sections are interrelated and should be used in conjunction with each other.

Refer to Section 1, Emission Control Identification Application, to identify the emission components on the vehicle. For vehicles with diesel engines, refer to Sections 18 and 19.
Begin diagnosis in the proper section (gasoline engine with EEC-IV, Section 2, diesel engines, Section 18 or 19.)
Read all special notes.
Prevent any unsafe or hazardous conditions by following the notes, cautions and warnings listed at the beginning of this manual.
After service, always verify that the repair corrected the customer complaint.
Skip from Section to Section.

EEC-IV Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Charts
The EEC-IV Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Charts provide the Pinpoint Test "Go To" information for all EEC-IV DTCs (or when no DTCs are output). Begin diagnosis with the first code output. Unless otherwise noted, the Pinpoint Tests are in Section 6. When directed to a Pinpoint Test, always read the cover page(s) and look carefully at the Pinpoint Test Schematic... READ MUCH MORE..."
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