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Well with the internet down earlier this week for till wed i didnt get a chance to post pics from last weekend. Now i have pics from then and today.

Sunday morning i decided to do something productive. Pulled a lot of the old wiring out of the bronco. Sub/Amp wiring, grill guard lights wring, and cb wires. Ended up with about 10 pounds of wire and a couple things from my "ricer, neons are cool" phase 3 years ago

looks so much better in there now

We decided to have a BBQ with the new grill last sunday. So we were all up at the house having a good time, decided we needed a new project since the last one broke...started with all this, bet you can quess what is happening here

my original design

which was scratched for this design

we scratched because the way we believe the recoil will be with the bipod, which is being redesigned to

top layer of ice was pretty thick, 4 different types in there

working on putting the adapter on to power it by propane, screw white rain

just messing around in night mode

today when i pulled the tarp out of the barn to lay on the ground since it poured most of yesterday, i got a nice surpise

threw it about 20 ft with a stick and it wouldnt go away so i got 2 .40 cal Beretta rounds to it from about 15 ft no lie, i used all 10 rounds

hit it in the head 1 time and towards the tail spilling its guts out

Chris taking the angle grinder to the 4.56 ratio pinion i bought for the rear. (stripped out)

new one going on. Ended up overshooting our point on the crush sleeve so we retreated to fight another day.

this was the point we went and got a piece of angle from Lowes

To come tomorrow: pics of work on chris' 84

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monkey wrench with pipe cheater holding onto the yoke works real nice also when tightening down, then it can be held against the frame or ground and one person can do it :beer
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