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Hey guys, I'm back again. it's been awhile, but I always know that I can count on you guys to offer solid advice.
Anyway, I am a teacher full time and a shade tree mechanic part time, and I am working on my teacher friends daughter's 1995 Taurus lx 3.8 starter car. I know it's not a bronco, but I figured since it's a Ford and around the same year as my bronco, and you guys are so helpful, I would chime in here.
Ok, here's the deal. She called me b/c she thought something was wrong with the a/c clutch, no defrost. Three months prior, they had a--supposedly new-- compressor and clutch put in. So I checked for pressure in the system and there was none. So I figured there was a leak somewhere, so I hooked up my makeshift a/c vac that also pushes air into the system (i know that's not good, but I cld see a full replacement coming, so I did it). Pushed air up to 55psi on low side and hi side, shut vac down and didn't notice any leaks--it stayed at 55psi for quiet some time.
Next, I pulled compressor off and noticed that not only is clutch burnt-up, the compressor has zero compression. also, I noticed when I turned the compressor upside down and rotated the shaft, no oil came out--at all. Bone dry.
She wants me to flush system, replace the compressor, accumulator, and orifice tube.
I have a couple of questions: First, what in the world would cause system to go bone dry and subsequently kill compressor, especially if I detected no leaks? I thought the low pressure cut off switch would kick in and prevent this.
Second, if the condensor or orifice tube is restricted, wouldn’t the high pressure just shoot out of the high-pressure relief valve and then shut system off?
I need help
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