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So I figured I would wait to write this review after I have had all the parts for around 6 months or so, so here it goes.

Flex-a-lite Fans:
These things are great! I recommend them to everyone! During the summer they we're a great addition on the trails when it got a little to hot for the clutch fan. Now that it's cooler out, I can compeletely take the clutch fan off and only run these when I need em.

3G Alternator:
Definately another must buy. Get it from E-Bay, their much cheaper. Just make sure to upgrade the wiring, which takes only a couple of minutes. Their perfect for lots of electrical accessories and nice sound systems.

B&M Tranny Cooler:
Another great buy for keeping the bko cool in the summer. You would be surprised by how much heat that damned E4OD makes, so don't make you radiator work harder, get one of these tranny coolers.

Underdrive Pulley's:
Bleh, I'm selling them tomorrow and putting the stock pulley's back on. Don't make my same mistake.

That's it for now.:thumbup
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