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I just brought my truck back from the mechanic and one of my cylinders is running at 60 psi, while the rest are fine. He said I can still drive it for a long time. Its about a $1200 valve job and I am at the point to decide if I want to keep the truck and stick money into it or sell it and start over. I need some help finding a price that is realistic to sell at. I've been looking at carsoup and other sites finding a lot of later 90's are going for $6-8000 bone stock with 120,000+ miles.

So I am going to list all the things on my truck and hopefully find a decent asking price

1988 f150 single cab long box 4x4

The Body
The rear fenders are rusted out, which most the rust I cut out. Probably about 2-3 inches up. I fixed the Cab corners by cutting out the rust and putting new sheet metal in.
The floor panels were patched and I herculined the whole floor of the truck by scraping all the sound tar and sandblasting. 2 coats
There is a dent on the bed when I slid into a tree. I lightly did bondo using the cat hair stuff to smooth it out. There is also a dent on the drivers front fender from punching it. It can easily be fixed with bondo.
The rockers are herculined, and top part painted with rustoleum. still has some sanding marks which needs some wetsanding and a few more coats.

The Motor
302 Fuel Injected. Has approx. 40,000. Brand new motor was replaced after the original blew because of clogged cat. I replaced the Front seal, timing cover gasket, front oil pan gasket, water pump gasket,t-stat gasket.
The water pump has about 10,000 miles on it.
Tstat about 1,000.
Alternator, 20,000
Plugs, wires, cap and rotor, 10,000
Vacuum lines were just replaced with rubber hoses
Battery 20,000
Starter 10,000
Custom Cowl Induction Intake with 4 1/2x14dia K&N 10,000
fuel pressure regulator&fuel filter 5,000
Heavy duty Fan Clutch 200

Tranny AOD. Rebuilt.. 40,000 on it

Center Console
volt,oil pressure, temp equus gauges
5 illum. switches
2 side lights
2 cupholders
all wiring done with 14 ga or bigger wire. all connections soildered. shrinkwrapped or taped

Front Bumper
3/16 mild steel.
Grille gaurd
4 offroad lights
2 inset lights
built in hitch receiver
all wiring solidered and taped or shrink wrapped

Rear Bumper

3/16 Mild steel
16 bolts total holding it on. reinforced mounting
2 backup lights
built in hitch receiver
shackle tabs welded to the frame mounts

4" Rough Country lift
Rancho shocks
33x12.50 Kuhmo Mud Terrians
Warn Lockouts
All have about 20,000

Rebuilt front end
moog ball joints
moog tie rod ends
axle seals
u joints
drag links

Heddman Long tube headers
Mr. Gasket manifold and Flange gaskets
True duals
X pipe
2 Dynomax Ultra Flo mufflers
chrome tips
all mandrel bent, good quality piping

Camo headliner and door panels

Pioneer headset
2 rockford fosgate subs
200 watt amp
wired good

Heavy duty steps

hardtop tonneau cover
Lund visor with cab lights

You can search my name if you want more info on the intake, bumpers and steps.

This is my first vehicle and sucks to think about selling it, but I have to take my losses I guess. I know I wont be able to get the money back from what I put into it. Obviously it was well maintined

any input appreciated


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gas prices are a big factor as is the cylinder

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Around here it would go for about 1500.


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800-1000 tops around here

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$2500 if you found the right person

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I agree on the keep it as, to me, it would be worth more to have it even if it was just sitting then the 2000 you would get for it.
Plus how many people to you hear that say they wish they still had their first car (or a car).

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Just pull the heads and take em to get a valve job.. I just did both my 351 heads, cost me $175 to have both done and another $65 or so for upper gasket kit. So in all without my labor came to $240.00. It's doable if you have the time, place and know how.

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Hey I told him that but he won't listen! Josh told ya you will get more parting it out! Keep it and lets throw some new heads on that bitch!
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