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A thank you, to god, buda, alah, or whomever you worship.
For those that dont, just please show your sentiments.

Today I found out my best buddy (Jimmy2Times) brother was admited to a hospidal last night. Turns out he was born with only 2 aortic valves instead of 3. Last night he was admited to the hospital having chest pains.

They replaced his aortic valve with a plastic valve.

He should be ok

Anyway, for those that pray will you and thank your diaty, and for those that dont, will you please keep him in your thoughts.

Thank you.

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sure thing Gack... God speed!

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cool deal..glad to hear he is okay. him and his family will be in my prayers

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I kind of keep everyone in my FSB family in my thoughts and prayers.

Hope the best for him Gack, and will keep you guys in both my thoughts and prayers.

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hes in my prayers bro. my nephew was born last july with a hole in his heart and on of his arterys was almost not there. the put in a plastic tube and they just fixed the hole on the 6th of march but a part of his diaphram is now paralized. know how you feel about this one bud. hope the recovery is s a quick one

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Thats incredible...great news man, glad to hear he is doing okay.

Medicine just shocks me everyday, plastic valves, artificial hearts, boob implants, what will they think of next?

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Brandon..... may he be what he will be, and may he be bette than what he was, and may me be everything he will be....and may he be at peace, where ever he chooses to go.....

And Gack, may you find the freedom and peace that comes from from just being..

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in my prayers

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I'll roll some chicken bones around for him out on the back porch....

Here's to a speedy recovery. :beer

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Way to cheat death Brandon! Hang in there, with your newly modified pumper, and GOOD LUCK!

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Will be praying for him, and everyone esle that is in chance health right now, had my own sight of death, and i hope everyone gets to wait as long as posible till they have to see that.. Good Luck to your buddy ill keep him in mind when i m praying..
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