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95 5.8L MAF XLT, Hedman Shorties/MF SS Y & Muff, E4OD, Man hubs, KYB Quads, 31x10.5x15, 304K miles
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So since I had my front brakes (new Rotors, Pads and Bearings) done by someone other than myself a little over 3 years ago my ABS light has been going on and off but mostly been on for the whole time. I redid the front brakes (new Rotors, Pads and Calipers) and bearings myself about a year ago and there was no change with the ABS light, it still was on but would sometimes be off for very short periods of time haphazardly. I did the foot on the brakes while turning the key on to feel for the pulse from the ABS motor energizing and it was always noticeable over the 3 years whether the light was on or off.
So on to my present situation. Since being home for this wonderful Pandemic garbage and it being boating season I have been trailering my boat around and I have the trailer lights hooked up to the factory trailer plug and since then my ABS light has been OFF, and yes it lights up when turning the key on. So apparently the 7 to 4 pin adapter and the boat trailer plug have somehow stimulated the ABS braking system to the point where it is functioning and the light is off. Being the Mechanical "Engamaneer" that I am and not and Electrical guy to speak of does anybody have any definitive thoughts about this situation? Apparently there is some sort of short in the wires or something else that I am missing, why would energizing the trailer connection fix the problem and it works with the boat connected, with the adapter plugged in only and with no adapter at all. This is to easy a fix and I have a need to know what's going on here, before looking into it blindly. Just using the Trailer plug can't have fixed the ABS system!!! Could It?

BTW I hate electrical problems and looking at wire schematics, so looking for Electrical guys to chime in here.
Thanks in advance for any input...
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