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When I pull off the side of the road on wet sloppy grass, even going slow with very light brake pressure the front wheels lock up and slide, tearing up the grass. When appling the brakes lighly, I also do not get the pulsing, most likly because I going so slow and allmost at a stop! I get a abs check light when starting up, but thats it.

I tried checking the abs buy going fast on dry pavement and apply brakes hard and I get the pulsing pedal like I suppose you should when the abs is working.

I had a shop put on new front rotors/pads and changed the brake fluid just over a year ago. So, does this sound like a normal abs operation? I really do not care for abs, so, if I pull the fuse, I aasume the brakes will act as normal brakes even though they run through the abs unit.

I sure this can not be normal. If, I where to have to drive on snow, I would lose steering control every time I have to come to a stop!

Will pulling the fuse slove this?
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