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So I recently built a section of wrought iron fence. 10 feet long with a gate in the middle. Despite working at a paint store, I opted to have it powder coated. We have a couple places local that will do it. I chose Adapa, because of their reputation. They are the major world supplier of drywall handling carts and lifts, as well as dump bins and other industrial material handling items. They also offer powder coating as another method of income.

I wanted flat black for the fence, and they had it in stock. They stock many primary colors, as well as their signature orange that goes on all their carts.

As a cash customer, it cost me a flat fee of $200 per rack for an in-stock color. The racks are 8ft or so tall, 12ft long and 40" wide. My fence only took up half of it. So I could have had like 3 full bumpers done on the same rack for no extra fee.

Adapa is located in south Topeka, KS, just off US 75.
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