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add-a-leaf noise

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ok, so i am running add-a-leaves in the rear. the stock springs have those little teflon pads to keep them quiet, but the add-a-leaf doesn't. there fore, they make a little bit of noise when the spring moves around while driving. is there anything you guys can think of that would work to stop this?

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SquattyD said:
i think if anything it will get louder. its not them breaking in, just the friction between the leafs that does it.

try getting some teflon pads and glueing them to the leaf. a spring manufacturer like Atlas or Natl might be able to tell you where to get some. Or you could try sanding your leaf down and painting it.
I agree.

Mine have always made noise. during summer (dry) my truck sounds like a horse and buggy. :brownbag

I have lifted the rear and regreased, that lasts awhile. When it rains its actually nice because my ride is quiet. If you find some sort of teflon pad that works, POST IT.
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