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add a leaf

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I did a search and i did not find quite what I'm looking for. I did a shackle flip and need to add 2" I went and bought a pair of add a leafs. I want to know if these will mess up my flip? :shrug
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they shouldnt as far as i know, it will just probably stiffen up your ride though.
evilbronc might have done his by now.....Dan?
Not yet, doing it after I move
EvilBronc said:
Not yet, doing it after I move
how long have you been moving for now...3 mos.? :goodfinge
ok add a leafs ad 2"??? and a shackle flip adds how much???

It depends. I've had AALs add as much as 4".

Shackle flip yields 5-6" of lift.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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