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Admin edit - you need to have at least 20 posts, in order to post anything for sale. Thank you

My apologies. I made sure and read the rules first, I sure thought I followed the proper procedure.

Please include the following in your post

1) Accurate description of item(s)
2) Please post your location (City/State)
3) Please put up some pictures (if you need help with them contact a mod)
4) Please put whether you will ship or deliver or if pick up is a must.
5) Post the price
6) Please post alternate contact information if possible (like an email address, phone#)

Please follow the rules when posting items for sale

1) Group buys or commercial sales are not permitted in this area, contact dsotmoon for vendor information.
2) No auctions or contests
3) Pornography, firearms, alcohol, drugs, 'warez', and items of the like are prohibited.
4) Don't type in all caps. (shouting.)
5) Thread dumping, thread crapping, thread bashing, anything of that nature or sort will not be tolerated. It is not fair to the seller. Skip it and save it for some other forum.
6) If you find a post in violation, report it to the moderation staff. Don't take it upon yourself to confront the situation and escalate it past where it reasonably needs to go.
7) If you stole it, pirated it, found it, acquired it through shady regions, don't sell it here. We are not here to promote such garbage, nor do we want to see it here.
8) You may only sell items that belong to you...not your friends....not your uncles....nobody else's but your own.
9) Flames or anything offensive will be dealt with immediately. You will not be given warning!
10) No ridiculous thread bumping. Once every 2 days maximum.
11) Please use the trader rating system to leave feedback on items that have sold (for seller & buyer)
12) Thread older than 30 days from last post will close automatically, if you still have the item for sale please relist it at that time

If we find your for sale activity rapidly exceeds your general forum activity, we will remove you from this area. We are not your selling ground nor will we allow you to act like we are.

Please combine F/S threads. If you have more than one item to sell, include them in the same thread, do not create multiple threads to sell multiple items if you are selling them all at the same time. Failure to do so will result in your threads being merged the first time, and then your thread being removed the second time.

If you are a brand new member, for the purpose of selling a single, or a few parts, we would encourage you to use eBay. If you are a new member, with a Bronco, wishing to sell parts, we invite you to introduce yourself in the Introduction forum, tell us about yourself, your Bronco, and get the know the rest of the group.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your stay.

FSB Staff
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