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Okay, I can be a little help here with the 4 Wheel drive. I have an 88 EB with push button as well. First, do you hear the acutators click? There are two sets of them. There are some behind the passanger side kick panel and then there are some attached to the transfer case. If they are not clicking then they need replacing. Also, I know for mine, if the lights on the dash don't come on, it's not in 4 wheel drive. So does the 3 Wheel drive light and/or the low range light come on, on your dash when you try to engage it? They are to the right of your steering column. If they are not coming on, then the transfer case isn't engaging. I went wheelin last weekend and at the head of the trail pushed the button, could hear the actuators clicking, but not like they usually do. And the lights wouldn't come on in the dash. I climbed under the truck and realized that the actuators behind the kick panel were clicking, but the one on the transfer case was stuck. I could put my hand on it and feel it try to engage but it wouldn't. (It helps to have someone pushing the button while you are under the truck). I got my hitch and gave the actuator on the transfer case some 'persuasive' taps while a buddy was hitting the button. It eventually engaged and didn't give me and trouble after that. But it would help to know if your actuators are clicking and/or if the lights are coming on. Good luck.

BTW as for me, I'm going to do 2 1/2 inch true duals. I don't believe 3 inch duals would give enough back pressure. But overall I've heard many times that a single 3 is the best option. Something about duals though.

PS I intend to, and recommend, when the oportunity presents itself, to switch to a manual shift transfer case.

1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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