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Got the plow all back together and just in time, from the coming weather reports. Found another cracked spot on the quadrant that needed a little re-enforcement, even though I'd inspected the whole setup a few times. Was super nice to be able to just give a quick grind and zap it in place, rather than disassemble the whole thing and take it back to the repair shop and wait.

Today I pulled it out again to do a little repair on Dad's snowblower. The handle that works the drive engagement rod had worn down and the rod had broken. Welded a washer to the inside of the handle, bent the rod, re-assembled and he's back in business.

I'm really digging having this MIG around. At this rate, it will pay for itself in no time. Just knowing I can whip it out to stich some metal in a few minutes is quite a piece of mind living out here in the sticks. Why doesn't everyone have one of these things? ;)
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