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I got the tremplate from Trucky, as to how it molds to the bottom etc, I dida little changing to suit my needs, the cup holders I got from West Marine, and the tray, has a false bottom, for my little Colt....I used a marine switch panel, with a lighted toggle for various lights...I covered the whole thing with carpet to camoflauge my obvious lack of carpentry skills....covered the whole thing with a generous spray of weatherizer from a hunting supply place....

The main box is separate from the tray and front, so that when installed, alls I had to do was connect....that way I can move or change as the muse strikes me....

The cigarette lighter is a marine chart light, which doubles as a light.....neat thing, when darkness prevails

I learned a few things about attaching, mostly, use L brackets and put the screws into ther L's to secure to the floor....I used a wood bottom and had a whole world of chit trying to get the thing aligned.....Next time I will fix

all in all, I am fairly well pleased

Thanx for the compliments.....

Ghost.......I assume you have the push button transfer case. If not, how did you handle the shifter?
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