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Alighnment problems with 2inch lift 1995 f150

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Hey, I just had a tire shop put on a 2 inch lift kit from skyjacker with a 2inch coil spring and a 2inch add-a-leaf. I also out in a 2inch day star coil spacer. And shocks. After i had all this put on...the front tires on the truck sit in like this \--/ and idk what to do to fix it. Anyone know what i need? Im kinda new to lifts so idk what i need.

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This is halarious. And to think, that not only could you have prevented this whole mess by reading the lift sticky, but you found a shop to install this abomination of a combination of components that shouldnt be installed together.

Congrats on trying to be cheap.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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