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Brieldo said:
How is it a waste? The vehicle was designed for SPL competitions. It doesnt ever get driven...the doors are welded shut for one and two, the engine is just there to run the alternators which charge the 16v battery array.

Why is it a waste when I can see more than one member on this site that has 35's on their truck and it never leaves the is that not more wasteful? *end rant*

On another note, that Bronco has been retired and Team Gates has left Kicker to join team JBL. With the new amps that Crown desigend for JBL in use, i"m excited to see their new work. I just got my Christmas card from Alma yesterday and she seemd pretty pumped about it. Keep your eyes open for whats coming!
It's just one big speaker!

By the way I wonder what the two yellow tie downs are for going across the back? To keep the top from being blowed off?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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