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There is a bit of background in my threadabout the starter sale. Here is what is left of my Spring Sale. Sorry you guys didnt get a chance at some of the GM for Ford one wires, but they are all gone.

Well I have been fooling around this spring, and tried something different with SVA. I put together some “reman” units to see how cost effective they would be as compared to 100%. Basically seeing if using used housings/fans and other misc hardware would save enough money to lower prices without effecting the output or quality of our stuff.

In order to ensure the quality was still high standard, we powder coated the housings (silver vien). The plan then was to take them to a swap meet and see public reaction. Nobody noticed the housings were once used. So it this may be a new product developing for us. But still looking for feedback.

We also took some odd ball stuff we had kicking around to the meet. Since it was cold and raining, the turnout wasn’t that great. So I had been planning on selling what was left on a few websites, cheap-cheap. I have always given members a good break, this time it is a very deep break. So here is what is left over, once it is gone it is gone. I also have this posted on a few boards, so first in here, might not necessarily be first altogether. Lots of stuff so hopefully everyone gets what they need.

For the sake of argument, all output ratings listed for engine rpm will be considered using a stock crank pulley. If you need clarification on a specific number, please ask.

1.) 8243 Thunder Series: Fits 1999-2003 3.1L Pontiac Grand Prix (Unit is 100% new)
Output at 750 engine RPM is 75amps, 186amps top end
Sale: $125

2.) Sold

3.) Sold

4.) 8160/8233 Lightning Series: Fits Chevy S & T 2.2L Pickups 94-2003, Sonomas
This was a customer unit, has a purple finish. Below stock output at idle, only 45amps,
At 1000engine it is 130amps, and top end is 200amps. We warned the dumbass about the idle, but still ended up being out fault???? The purple is Mopar to boot.
Sale: $75 and no return unless DOA

5.) CS121ACSE Lightning Series Prototype: Small frame CS121 One wire (100% new)
Output at 1000 engine rpm is only 60amps, if your idle is only 1000, you should probably not buy this, more a 1200-1300 idle would be better. Top end is 163amps.
Sale: $125

6.) Sold

7.) Sold

8.) Sold

9.) 7771HD: Ford 3G for 94-95 Mustang, with 6 groove pulley (Reman)
Has HD avalanche diode rectifier, conversion harness available, can change pulleys too, we have 250+ in stock.
Output 750 engine RPM is 116amps, 1000 is 142 amps, and top end is 164amps
Sale: $150

10.) Sold

11.) 7756HD: Ford 3G large conversion for large body mount (Reman)
Will also fit most older small body applications, all except molded mounts. This is powder coated a candy blue and has HD avalanche diode rectifier and the conversion plug is included. 3 1/8” deep groove pulley
Output at 1000 engine RPM is 148amps and top end is 198amps
Sale: $180

12.) 13509 Thunder Series: Currently for Honda Civic 92-95, but could be converted to one wire. It would cool alright for short periods of time, but for d/d use would need to be mounted backwards. This bitch is 24kt gold plated, with a chrome cover. Almost $1000 retail. 60amps at 1000engine rpm and 138 amps top end.
Sale: $400 current reg, $450 96-99 Civic, $500 as a one wire

13.) Sold

14.) Sold

15.) 8206-5 HD: Fits (2000) Cadillac Escalade 5.7L
(1999-96) Chevrolet Astro, GMC Safari 4.3L
(1997-96) Chevrolet Blazer, GMC Jimmy 4.3L
(2000-96) Chevrolet C, K Series Pickup; GMC Sierra 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L, 6.5L, 7.4L
(2000-96) Chevrolet Express, GMC Savana 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L, 6.5L, 7.4L
(1997-96) Chevrolet S, T Series; GMC Sonoma Pickup 4.3L
(2002-01) Chevrolet Silverado 6.5L, 6.6L, 8.1L
(1999-96) Chevrolet, GMC Suburban 5.7L, 6.5L, 7.4L
(2000-96) Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon 5.7L, 6.5L
(1997) Isuzu Hombre 4.3L
(1997-96) Oldsmobile Bravada 4.3L
Output at 667 engine is 83amps, at 750 engine is 93 amps (both about 20amps better than stock), at 1000 engine rpm it has 112 amps, 7 amps more than stock full output, this units max is 130amps.
Sale: $125

16.) 7756HD: Ford 3G large conversion for large body mount (Reman)
Will also fit most older small body applications, all except molded mounts. HD avalanche diode rectifier and the conversion plug is included. 3 1/8” deep groove pulley
Output at 1000 engine RPM is 161amps and top end is 183amps
Sale: $160

Prices do not include shipping. Postal Service varies from $20 (NY)-$35 (CA), UPS is higher even. If using Paypal $3 extra, will do cheques, Western Union, email money transfer (best option, done through your bank).

Some close ups:

Here is some newer finishes we have just gotten done:

The Red Skull alternator is a late model GM alternator that will fit on Fords, even with a moulded bracket. It is a one wire and has avalanche diodes. It is a cost effective alternative to the 3G, and it is the only way to get avalanche diodes in a Ford one wire application. This is because the 3G with avalanche diodes will not operate a one wire regulator properly.

The Red Skulls is 70amps at idle for an EFI application, 133amps at 1000engine rpm, and 204amps in the topend. It is a pretty durable finish, but I dont know if I would put this in a mud truck. This alternator normal retals for $239, plus $50 extra for the finish, on sale now as an introductory price of $200 and there is only one.

The Blue Skull unit is a standard GM mount. It will fit older Fords, but not with the moulded brackets. Same mount as a 10si, 12si (60's to 80's GM). Its output at 667rpm is 105amps, 1000engine rpm is 126amps, and topend is 136amps. Our most popular alternator configuration by far. Normal retail is $189 and the finish is $50 extra. On Sale for $175, and again there is only one.

Note: We build a lot of the Red Skull mount alternators, with the Blue Skull outputs. It is our part number CS130ACSE F (For Ford mount). Top end is usually 135-140amps, but you also get really great at idle charge rates. They have avalanche diodes, which help protect electronics like MSD, stereos., etc. Really popular with drag racers, but the 3G is definitely better for mudding.

Normal Retail is $189 for 100% new units, bare castings. I typically sell them to board members on sites I go to for $140. We do our own powder coating and it is $20 extra if you want it. The hydro dipped finishes are going to be $50 extra. Plus we have done chroming, gold palting, polishing, etc, etc.

We have a Thunder Series version of this as well. The Red Skull one is using our Thunder Series rotor and stator.
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