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My wife just said I can use the money I get from selling an amp and guitar, for buying a MIG.

What do you all think they are worth?

Bought new, NEVER used Marshall MG 15DFX amplifier.


flawless Simon and Patrick S&P 6 Spruce acoustic guitar.

I don't know jack about either one of them. Her father bought the guitar for her, and she never played it---it looks perfect. The amp I bought for her, adn she never used it.

I will put the MIG to good use though :}

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the amp is about 180 new, but you wont get that for it

ask 150
You won't get that'd be lucky to get a 100 out of it.
Practice amps are a dime a dozen (and I never understood why Marshall even bothers with them..:shrug) but I've seen these on ebay with a "buy it now" of $85 and they didn't sell...

the guitar new runs about 350-300 and the case probly arround 40-50$

probly could get 300$ out of it
More than likely nobody'll go $300 on a guitar/case that originaly had a $350 price tag, but stranger things happen, and I realy don't know anything about that brand.
It's just that generaly someone buys used to save cash or because that's the only place they can find what they need (IE: not made any more, certain color, etc.) anyway if they are looking to save money, generaly a $50 savings won't peak they're intrests

I'd run it on Craigslist with a 'make offer" package deal and when someone offers you an amount that feels good, do it!
You could even list it as a "best offer or trade for welder" kinda deal.
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