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Got the front drive shaft complete and decided to test it out and ran great, only stalled at nose high angles (Expected), but on the way out of the field I came to some clutch problems. I managed home in second since it wouldn't shift finally took a look at the problem.

I diagnose the problem and came to a few questions:

After placing everything together to get a feel of what it should look like, I somehow feel that the lever shouldn't be angled like it shows. The rod, helps with the awkward angle, but it's not completely the culprit as the two studs that hold the lever aren't exactly level. Is this ok? The trans shifted fine before I just took her out, but I never noticed if the lever was straight or angled like so.

When looking at the lever I figure there should be some bushings as there was none on the side I could see, but after taking the lever off, I found that the other side had a bushing.. Sort of. I called a few stores asking for some bushings for an NP435 clutch lever, and came up short. I also figure since I have no idea what the technical term is, I'm no help to figure out what we're looking for.

Anyone know what these bushings are called?

Here's a pic of the lever and one side of the stud section.

Would be awesome if something didn't break..

Thanks for the help and sorry the pics are somewhat large, but I'm in a hurry but wanted to get a few answers tonight before the stores close.
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