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Just found this site, thought it would be a great place for me to find ideas on what to do to my rig!!!

I am kinda new to the hole 4x4 realm. love cars, and love trucks and all, but dont know alot about them, besides I what I like!

I was always much more focused on the stereo (yea one of those guys)

Well after I bought a Cadi escalade, and pimped that bitch around, I relized that really wasnt for me.

I remember my Aunt's old boyfriend had one of these, and I always loved it, so I got rid of the escalade (with the hellp of a divorce) and bought the truck I really wanted!

Now I got it, of course its back in Washington while I am in Iraq...but I plan on doing everything I can in preperation of returning home and blowin this bitch up!

Want it big, loud, proud, and just enter an area screamin "I'M A BAD MO FRACKY!!!"

oh yea, I would love to find a way to get a bit better MPG as well LOL

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