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Yo Larry,
Welcome to our Big Bronco DIY family!
Nice looking engine bay and interior-
Here is some info for you;
1982 Ford Bronco Sales Brochure by Ford via

by Ford via Gary

EEC III Testing, Pin-Outs, Wiring & Vacuum Diagrams in an 82 by Tommy

DIY EEC III Timing Procedure by Eric, DONOTDELETE @ EEC III - Off-Road Forums & Discussion Groups

1982 Bronco "What's New for 1982" Brochure by Ford via Gary

1982 Light Truck Facts Book by Ford via Gary

1982 Bronco Advertisement "A lion in winter!" by Ford via Gary

1982 Fastener Pictures & Illustrations by Gary

1980-1986 Bronco/F Series Carburetors, Chokes & EFI by Gary

1980-1986 Bronco/F Series Specifications by Gary @ Axle Ratios - Gary's Garagemahal (the Bullnose bible)

1982 Exterior Colors by Ford via Gary

Differences in 1980-1986 Bronco/F Series by Ford via Gary

1982 Special Performance Specifications by Ford via Gary

1982 Accessories by Ford via Gary

Haynes Red Manual for 80-95 Bronco & F Series @ Hanes guide 80-96 bko f series.pdf via BroncMom
For any Bronco questions or to chat about it's planned modifications or build, it's better to post each seperately in Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone. This will get more attention and you can build up your post count to get into other sections such as Bronco and Ford Parts/Accessories that requires 50 non- padded posts to buy or sell due to scammers who preyed on our members.

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