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I've got several under my belt over the years from a 62 f250 429 scj with fully manual c6 eats dodge hemis 80 bronco 500 hundred dollar basket case to one fine oem top to bottom latest 74 f250 highboy these montana winters require the best and the barest and full sets of iron just to get out of my driveway 4 ft snow not uncommon I live. up top the bull mountains this weekends elk hunting no exception iron on and balls to the walls and the elk are year if ya ever get the chance hunt here

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Welcome! Do you have a bronco currently or is the 74 high boy your "entrance qualification" ? Let's see some pics regardless!

@BikerPepe` has a 73-75 f250 he plows snow with.

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Yo Hopp2it,
Your location is my dream of paradise! Always was awaiting snow and fishing, hunting or trapping with my dad and grandfather in Maine.

For any vehicle questions or to chat about it's planned modifications or build, it's better to post each seperately in Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone. This will get more visibility.

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Here is the 1980 Bronco Dealer Brochure via Josh B

1980 Bronco Advertisement

1980-1986 Bronco/F Series Fasteners by Gary

1980-1986 Bronco/F Series Carburetors, Chokes & EFI by Gary

1980-1986 Bronco/F Series Specifications by Gary @ Axle Ratios - Gary's Garagemahal (the Bullnose bible)

Differences in 1980-1986 Bronco/F Series by Gary

1980 Ford Truck Service Chassis Highlights by Gary (similar as Bronco) http://www.garysgaragemahal.com/1980-truck-service-highlights---chassis.html
Includes the proper adjustment of the parking brake tensioner & rebuilding instructions on the Dana 60 axle and the NP208 and BW1345 transfer cases.

1980 Ford Truck Electrical Chassis Highlights by Gary (similar as Bronco) @ http://www.garysgaragemahal.com/1980-truck-service-highlights---electrical.html
Explains electrical features of the Bullnose trucks, including the exterior lighting, digital clock use, speed control installation & testing, CB radio installation & controls, ignition switch removal & installation & logic test, fuse panel, etc.

Partial Chilton Manual for 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 Bronco. Scanned by broncocity.com @ https://web.archive.org/web/20130419152159/http://www.broncocity.com/66-81manual.htm

1980 Free Wheelin' Fords Brochure, including the F-Series, Broncos, E-Series, and the Courier by Gary @ http://www.garysgaragemahal.com/1980-free-wheelin-fords.html
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