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ate lug
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Since there hasnt been any posts in here for like a week or so, and since 'stuck' stories are so much fun to tell:p , i figured id post about a trip i went on last november.

It involved my truck, a 86 f150, body lift, open-diffed axles with bald 33" BFG A/T's, and an xcab 91 f250 on 285/75 MTRs. The xcab wasnt there to play, he came with his quad, as did 4 or so others.

We were out in a sand pit havin fun, playing in the hills and all the mud we could find. All the quad guys (like, maybe 15 quads total) thought we were the greatest thing since sliced bread, since here we are playin on all these dirt hills, and ripping around like we should be doing with a quad, except we dont own quads, so we're doin it with our trucks:toothless

Well, eventually we find a good little hole to play in. Now, i had only had my detroit for about 4-5 months, and my 35" mtrs were not even a month old yet. So of course im screwing around, trying to see what i can do!

Well, eventually i get the idea that this little water hole was very much crossable. I mean, last time we were there (about a month prior) there wasnt even any water there! It was just a grassy field!
...So i kept telling myself that, over and over and over, until finally i thought to myself "screw it! if i get stuck there's trucks here that can pull me out!" and off i went!

So apparently those MTR's throw water pretty high, and pretty far. Needless to say, i could not see anything! All i knew was that i was making it across!
....Until the truck started to slow a bit. uhoh! So i ended up stopping, (i can see out my window now!) and putting it in reverse to try to back out. Nope, only a couple inches! Im stuck! So i shut the truck off, and roll the window down. I can hear this strange gurgling sound.....but i cant figure out where it was coming from!...until i look at my driverside door. Suddenly, my carpeting starts getting wet over there!:eek:
(Apparently the front passenger-side tire was lower than the others, and the whole truck was sitting on a small angle because of it.)
Holy crap im taking on water!!!!! I climbed out the window and onto the hood, and realized i could no longer see my tires! And then i saw how far away i was from solid ground!!

So my buddy steve jumps in his truck, and races off into the water to get closer for a tow......but gets stuck!

Ok, its ok actually, as he really wasnt stuck, and he backed up to get in a better spot. He just couldnt get out any deeper.

So we grabbed his tow strap and hook it to the front, and run it out. Waayyyyyy to short! So we grab my snatch strap and hook it up to the end of it......still too short! So then we grab my tow strap and hook that to the end...and it reaches! Yes, thats right, theres over 40' of water between both trucks!:eek:
So im in N, and he put it in reverse and guns it, but he cant pull me. So the kid w/ the F250 rides out to his truck. He comes back, and attaches his super-heavy rope to the back of Steves truck, and both of them try pulling. Nope, she aint goin nowhere! :eek:
now im starting to get worried. here i am, sitting on the roof of a truck that is up to its glovebox in water, and even with 2 trucks we cant get it out!
....So we had to break down and get a tow truck.
Only they sent out a normal truck, who got there and said...'No way man! Never happen!' and he called a big wrecker. The wrecker got there and gave his whole 'not responsible' speech before doing anything. So we say fine, and he hooks up. But for some oddball reason ([email protected]$$hole driver) he tries to pull steve's truck on an angle:confused: :twak, until the rear crossmember breaks off the side of his truck! So we reconnect it, and he pulls and pulls until its obvious theyre not gonna come out this way.

Note the rear axle: one 33" tire completely under water, one completely above!
See? trucks flex pretty good when theyre forced to!:eek:
Then he wisens up and tries pulling us out straight.

3 hours later, and we're now out of the water! Did i mention that its November?

So now i can laugh about it, since its out. but theres NO way its gonna start. I mean, water is pouring out of the exhaust!
Me and Steve spent about a halfhour going over all the electronics, and scarily enough, everything is working! And by the time we checked it all, there was still water pournig out of the truck. So we towed it out of the pit (thank god for my towhooks in the front) and off to the road so i could get it towed home.

Another 2 hours later, the still dripping truck arrives home!

So enter 8am the next morning, and i begin the process of attempting to bring the truck back to life!
Fortunately for me, i had access to a vehicle that day, so i went out and got some filters, and alot of fluid!
Now, this is where the amazing part comes in: There was NO water in my axles, tranny, or tcase. Why? Extended vent lines!!!! They sat under water for 3 hours, and not a drop got in:cool:
The engine was a different story altogether, however. Now remember, oil is heavier than water, so if you park your truck for an extended period of time, most of the water will find its way to the bottom of the oil pan. When i pulled the plug, i got a quart of straight, clear water!!!!!!!! Then the oil came out. Now that was a scary sight to see!
But i continued on, changing all my fluids and filters, and stripping my interior! (special thanks to my buddy Al for stopping on his way home and helpin out for most of the day) My seats and carpeting were still dripping. (it took about a week of sitting in front of the oil heater for them to dry out.)
About 8 hours later, i finished. Everything i could think of to do, i did. So i grabbed my battery, put it in, and cranked. And cranked. And then i got a jump. And with a burst of water out the tailpipe, it roared to life!!!!!!
Praise the lord! it idled like crap for a few minutes, but i took it out for a spin, and sure enough, it ran fine!
Except for my carpeting. it didnt take it too well, and i forced to put it down.:p And that is why the interior is now rhino-lined.

So the moral of the story is this......
Trucks with interiors coated in bedliner are cool, but do it 'cause you want to, not cause you need to. Also.....bronco's dont float!!!!!
Oh yeah, theres one more moral.......extended vent lines helped save the live of my drivetrain, and my wallet. Dont go 4wheeling without them!

ate lug
88, 90, 96 broncos, 96 F250
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Re: Re: another stupid mistake to help liven the board

hahaha, i knew you would!
i cant believe the engine (still) runs like it never happened. That was my stupidest (and luckiest) day ever!

Andy351 said:
that tow truck driver needs a :twak of course it ain't coming out that way.

cool story though
Yeah, i swear the truck driver was purposely trying to damage one of the trucks!:twak
Unfortunately, you cant do anything about it, cause you have to agree that he's not responsible for any damages before he hooks up to anything thats not on the road.

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thats awesome, and how do you like the rhino lined interior? i was thinking about getting that done but wasn't sure how well it would actually work out, oh, and how much did it cost to have it done?

but ya, looks like a LOT of fun, other than the water-logged truck and all lol...

ate lug
88, 90, 96 broncos, 96 F250
9,192 Posts
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Lol, it was quite an adventure, to say the least!

As for the lining......i absolutely love it. It is durable as hell, and deadens road noise just like the old carpeting/deadener did. ive moved some heavy stuff in the rear (1ton axles) and have been unable to do anything more than light scratches. Prepwork was the same as Beerman's Herculiner, but the rhino-lining sprays in in about a halfhour, and only takes 5 minutes to fully cure:thumbup

Oh yeah. It cost me 600 beans to get it done, but IMO it was worth it. Its more rubbery than other bed liners. it has a nice smooth textury surface, but is still a no-slip surface.
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