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Another Winch Question

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I was wondering if a 9000 warn winch would tow out my bronco??? if not whats a good wieght?
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I was wondering if a 9000 warn winch would tow out my bronco??? if not whats a good wieght?
First off you're new so since this your first post we"ll start from scratch. Click the Forum button & go to the top left of the page & fill in the profile stats about your rig so we know what you drive: motor, trans, transfer, axles, city & state, etc.
Next hit forum again & in between "New Posts" & "Quick Links" click on the word "Search" & type-in anything you want to know. Since your new if you don't try to search first you may not get any response from the collective. (Ha!Ha!)
Just so you don't get discouraged I've always heard that you look at your door sticker on your driver door, & find what your GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) is & buy a winch that is 1 & 1/2 times larger. My 96' is 6300lb GVWR so I started looking at 9500lb winches.
If you put your info in first then try to search out the info on your own you will get less abuse from others here when you ask for help. Some guys here are "Cool" & some are "Too Cool for School"
Good Luck!!!-Kevin-:thumbup
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don't forget you can also use a snatch block to effectively double your winch's pulling power. and also don't forget that the winch's rating depends on which layer of winch line you have wrapped around the drum at the time.
Thanx for the help. I bought it recently from owning everything i can think of. I was going to buy a jeep but their gay as hell. Saw my bronco when some old man was pulling it out of his garage and i went up to him and and bought it with two weeks of not leaving him alone. I love it. I undercoated everything, no rust anywhere, the thing is mint.
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